You’re looking for sleek and stylish but keep coming across the same old patterns. You deserve clothes that fit your body and make you feel good.

Whether you are looking for a new pattern to make or just want to browse the Lookbook for inspiration, welcome to Blupatterns.

I began my career working with paper patterns, as well as handling and draping the fabric with my hands. In these days of automated absolutely everything, I am proud to be an old-time designer, blending the best of traditional patternmaking techniques with the most powerful software in the business.

I make the first drafts in paper, perfect them, and then use the latest technology to digitize, grade, and layer the patterns into pdf, A0, and projector files.

Great designs come from having a feel for the finished result, not simply the technical skills to create it. I offer you step-by-step instructions for flattering and well-fitting patterns that you will be excited to make and even prouder to wear.

And remember, should you need any help, I am available to guide you.