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Santa Bustier

A different take on the traditional Christmas tree, this bustier is pinned to a mannequin with an underskirt made of.......chicken wire! We gathered branches from the trees outside, and attached them to the wire with regular garbage bag ties. All of these decorations came from the $ store! Add a little necklace on top (also from the dollar store) and a few twinkle lights, and you have yourself a very inexpensive and original X-mas tree.

This bustier fits a mannequin with a 36'' bust, and will also fit a person with a 36 inch bust, for a lovely Mama Claus outfit!  The sample is made of velvet with white faux fur, and is lined in cotton.  There is no back closure, it is only pinned to the mannequin.  If you were to make one for yourself, you would need to allow for some type of closure, such as a zipper, in the back.